Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Members are receiving emails but they posted a nine hole score
A: Likely the member was on the tee sheet for an 18 hole round, the proshop staff should mark the round as a nine hole round instead of an 18 hole round which is the default.

Q: A Member received an email for a round that they did not play, common example would be they were added by a friend but didn't actually play.
A: If the member is on the tee sheet and was checked in they will receive an email for not posting. The proshop should ensure that they accurately check in players and likewise members should check in prior to play.

Q: A member received an email for a round they played where they actually did post a few days later.
A: The program allows for a grace period that you can configure in the configuration settings. It is suggested that you use three days but have a club policy that members must post within 2 days of play. This situation can also occasionally come up if you have not transmitted to GHIN frequently. You should be transmitting daily if not more frequently.

Q: Can I edit the message content that is sent to members?
A: Yes, in the configuration screen you will find an edit button by each of the three warning or reminder email templates

Q: Can the program be set to only generate one warning email?
A: Yes, by default this is how the program behaves and it is also suggested that you operate in this mode until your members are used to the program and generated emails. Simply set the second and third warning days to 60 and 90 with the max days set to 90 and only the first warning will be sent.

Q: When I first startup is there a way to avoid having the program send email to anyone that has not posted for the last 30 days.
A: Yes, in the configuration screen you will find a check box that will allow you to suppress email notifications to the members that have missed their postings. If you leave the admin summary email box checked you will still receive the admin summary so you will know who would have received the summary email.

Q: What is Included in the Admin Summary email?

Special notes about nine hole scores

Posting Enforcer relies on access to your local GHIN database to check for nine hole scores. While this is not required to send alerts you will quickly learn how many people are on your tee sheet for 18 holes and only play 9 holes. If someone is actually on the tee sheet for a 9 hole round they will be excluded from getting email in all cases.

Initial installation

Installing Posting Enforcer is easy, simply download the ZIP file from the web site. Create a directory for folder called "Enforcer" in the desired location and unzip the downloaded file to this location using the Extract All option.